Solves problems involving and between technologies, applications, systems, and humans focusing on:


This area includes anything that needs to be moved from a state of inactivity or questioning to a state of knowingness or being done.

Typically, it includes things like:

Generally, this work is done hourly and billed day of with an immediate due date.


This area contains the work that follows from the other areas: an identification of areas of support and focus that require routine maintenance and attention.
I often call this LINE support.

For the client this looks like a routine appointment with a set billed amount for a set deliverable.

Typically this look like:


This area includes anything I/others in my network make.

If we are talking about something being made, I’ll give you a relevant example and quote.


This area includes any curriculum in a formal/classroom environment with set objectives, expenses, course materials and established pricing.

Jason studied in the Faculty of Communication, Art & Technology (FCAT) at Simon Fraser University graduating in 2007 having completed his bachelors, a dual-focus: Communication (Major) English (Extended-Minor).

During this time his focuses exposed him to pedagogical research and exploration as well as communication methods and analysis.
Collaborating and teaching are fundamental aspects of his work and practice.