If you are using domain-based email "you@yourbusiness.end" you'll either be using Google Workspace or encountering it regularly. Google offers qualifying non-profit and academic institutions it's Workspace Standard offering for Free (or steep discount on certain versions and services); it's important to understand how it's apps and services work and how they co-mingle with email, calendar and document creating services on other platforms. Hi! Microsoft 365 ; D

I've been using and deploying this platform since Google began offering it in 2007: it's complexity and reach have grown considerably since then. When teaching and/or solving problems in this eco-system I place my focus on Google Chrome, the Admin Console, the Gmail Web Portal, and increasingly, Google Drive and their Shared Drive workflows. Typically, I'd evaluate your existing systems and tailor technical help or teaching to your specific situation.

Google Chrome




APPS: DOCS, SHeets, slides, forms




This collection is just some examples of what kinds of focuses I typically have or recommend with Google Workspace.
Once we've reviewed your particular situation we are able to focus on what matters and/or will make the most impact on your organization.